Thursday, June 7, 2012

Counter Terrorist 3D

This is a Third Person Shooter 3D game to simulate a highly simplified version of Counter Strike 1.6 on Android. There is only one simple map which consists of buildings, roads and trees. You can walk in the 3D world and hunt terrorists. You play as Counter Terrorist, no team mates. The idea is like Front Line Commando where you are the last surviving member of your team.
You play against terrorist bots which you can set in the Options screen.
Endless challenging game to cater for all abilities by customization of the game using the Options button:
1. How many Terrorists.
The default is 8, but you can set it higher, so that you can keep the game challenging.
2. Terrorist Firing Speed.
The default is Normal, but you can set it Slower or Faster to meet your challenge.