Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alien Ship Escape 3D

This game [Alien Ship Escape 3D] is the 3rd part of the Alien Strike 3D Series. You can play this part as standalone without reference to the earlier 2 parts.

1. Alien Strike 3D:
You were shipwrecked on a desert planet in a parallel universe and being hunted by alien predators. Your survival requires you to counter their strikes and battle them until you kill the Brain boss to gain access to their space ship with hope of returning home.

2. Alien Counter Strike 3D:
After defeating the Aliens in the desert war, you have ascended the white teleportal into the Alien spacecraft. Within the belly of the ship, you battled the Sentries. In the final battle with the Ship's Boss, you defeated it and took over control of the Spacecraft.

3. Alien Ship Escape 3D:
Now that you have taken control of the Alien Spacecraft you manage to pilot the Ship into outer space. But there you are met with challenges from giant Asteroids,
and enemy Spaceships. Your objective is to stay alive.  Good Luck!

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