Monday, April 23, 2012

Alien Strike 3D

First Person Shooter (FPS) 3D game fighting aliens.
You are shipwrecked on a desert planet in a parallel universe and being hunted by alien predators. Your survival requires you to counter their strikes and battle them until you kill the Brain boss to gain access to their space ship with hope of returning home.
The aliens are armed with laser pulse weapons and energy prisms. But you only have with you an M16 assault rifle. You need to shoot accurately and collect the ammo pickups to replenish your arsenal. Using proper strategy and tactics will ensure your survival and will gain you enough ammo to fight the Brain boss towards the end of the game.
In the final battle, after killing the Brain boss, the space ship will open
a beam of white light for you to ascend into it.
Do not uninstall. More episodes coming soon... including:
Episode 2: Battling with the aliens within the space ship
Episode 3: Gaining control of the space ship to launch out into space for a space battle.
All episodes are First Person Shooter 3D games.

You can download it from Google Android Market here:

or, scan the QR code below:

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